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Will Self is one of Britain's leading writers. He is the author of five short story collections, The Quantity Theory of Insanity (winner of the 1992 Geoffrey Faber award), Grey Area, Tough Tough Toys for Tough Tough Boys, Dr Mukti & Other Tales of Woe, and Liver; a dyad of novellas, Cock and Bull, and a third novella, The Sweet Smell of Psychosis; and seven novels, My Idea of Fun, Great Apes, How the Dead Live (shortlisted for the Whitbread Novel of the Year 2000), Dorian, The Book of Dave, The Butt (winner of the 2008 Bollinger Everyman Wodehouse Prize) and Walking to Hollywood (to be published this year in English). His non-fiction includes Perfidious Man, Sore Sites, Pyschogeography and Psycho Too. He has also published two collections of journalism, Feeding Frenzy and Junk Mail. Will Self writes for an array of publications and is a regular broadcaster on television and radio. He lives in London with his wife, the journalist Deborah Orr, and various children.

Janine di Giovanni is an award-winning author and journalist. She has been covering global conflict since the 1980s, and is considered one of Europe's most respected journalists. She is the author of The Place at the End of the World: Essays from the Edge, and Madness Visible: A Memoir of War, both of which have been critically acclaimed for dealing so movingly with the human cost of war. Janine writes regularly for The Times and Vanity Fair, and is a contributor to The New York Times Magazine, The New Republic, The Spectator, National Geographic, Granta and many others. She is the recipient of four major awards, including the National Magazine Award for her work in Kosovo, two Amnesty International Awards for her coverage of Sierra Leone and Bosnia, and Britain's Granada Television's Foreign Correspondent of the Year for her reporting on Chechnya. Janine's next book, Ghosts by Daylight, is a memoir of war and motherhood set in Paris and is due out in 2011. Janine will act as president of the jury for this year's Prix Bayeux Correspondents des Guerres in October. She lives in Paris with her son.